10 Secrets You Don’t Know About Cats




Cats are the most popular pets in the world, people love to pet them more than any other pets, cats also enjoy living with their owners, they are most of the time funny and entertaining, they are able to steal the hearts of millions of people around the world, in this topic, we will be talking about some secrets and facts you don’t know about cats.

One of the interesting facts about cats is that they don’t like to sleep, but they sleep. Cats spend almost 70% of their lives in sleep. Science has recently discovered that cats can hear the sounds of ultrasound, as they can hear the sound of ultrasound from rodents and dolphins. Next time you visit Disneyland, try to look for mice and rats You will not be able to find any of them.

In the United States, people are considering black cats as bad luck. But, it’s the opposite in the UK and Australia, they are considered as good luck, cats have a very flexible body and they may survive a fall from the 32nd floor, here are 10 interesting and secret facts about cats :

1 – Cats traveled to space, and the first cat was a French cat named Felicit, the only survivor of the entire journey.


2 – Cats are smarter than dogs. According to the researchers, dogs have 160 million neurons in the cortex, and on the other hand, cats have 300 million.