How To Pet Hamsters


Hamster :

It is an animal from the rodent family, a bit like a mouse, covered in fur and varies in color from one to another. People raise it as a pet, they buy it from pet stores, and hamsters like other animals need care and attention to remain playful and healthy.

Be careful when dealing with hamsters, especially children, because it is an animal in the end and may behave differently from time to time, it may bite if exposed to a dangerous situation or feel threatened, and his bite is somewhat painful, so people should not put it in his own house Play with him or catch him at all times.

Picking a hamster

1- Finding a store and a safe place to sell hamsters, because these days the pet shops have proliferated abundantly.

2- Choose a hamster in good health. This is known by his clean ears, dry from the bottom, and his abdomen is round and small and does not have bald spots or lumps, and his eyes are bright and clean, be sure of all these things when buying.

3- Take into account the size of the hamster you want to buy; there are many species that vary in size, so it is good to search for these species on the Internet and choose the most appropriate before going to buy.

4- Choosing a person’s favorite hamster color, there are different colors just like the sizes.

Prepare a suitable place and house :

1- Choose the appropriate cage; it must be medium in size, so that it can accommodate the place of sleep and where to put water and food for him, in addition to a toy cupboard suitable for its size to be amused.

2- Place the cage in a safe place, make sure that there is plenty of ventilation, do not place it on the side of the hot window glass, and make sure to find a quiet place free of any other domestic animals such as dogs and cats.

3- Making sure that there is no gap for the hamsters to escape, they are smart animals and can enter through any narrow and small places, so you should pay attention in the first period of the presence of hamsters to ensure that they’re safe and the safety of where the cage is located.

4- Put some wood shavings on the floor of the cage, so they are soft and warm for sleeping and sitting hamsters.

Provide food and water :

1- Feeding hamsters every day – Hamsters are animals that like to eat and keep food at the same time.

2- Always save water in the cage; the hamster does not drink a lot of water but does drink as soon as he feels thirsty.

3- Buy hamster’s food from pet stores.

4- Distribute food on the floor of the cage and hide it in corners and toys.

5- Avoid giving him food for humans, it may affect him and cause him some health problems.