6 Main Reasons Why Dogs Bite



1- Fear

Fear usually comes from outsiders like veterinarians. So you should not get close to an unfamiliar dog and teach your children to do the same too, because dog bites can happen when a dog is surprised by a stranger at home, so you should teach your children not to suddenly sneak into or disturb the dog during sleep.

Breeders recommend early socialization where the young dog has been exposed to many people, animals and different situations, which reduces your sense of fear. For example, make your first visit to the veterinarian on a simple visit so that the dog can get used to the clinic and the veterinary staff, and the fear of these visits will disappear.


2- Dogs protect what they own

Ownership protection is a common issue and in this case can be anything like a toy, food, place, or even a human being. Dogs believe that the only way to preserve their stuff is attack and aggression by biting, but this behavior is natural to be present in any dog. In this case, you should start training early to reduce proprietary behavior.

Marking the order “leave it” works well in preventing aggression and attack. You can also avoid aggression because of food by teaching your dog to wait while putting food to him, by teaching them to sit or lie down and then remove their food and then return it again. You can also approach the food bowl and add food to the food in front of them so that they understand that when someone approaches the food bowl is not a bad thing.

Teach children not to bother dogs while eating or enjoying a reward. We may find that the biting behavior of females is fiercer than males often when playing with children, and again we recommend that early training is the only solution to curb this the problem


3- A dog’s pain can make him bite

There are some breeds of dogs that are very sensitive to pain. It is abnormal, and most of the diseases that cause pain for dogs: inflammation of the virtual ear or abnormalities of the hip and these abnormalities cause constant pressure on the hip of the dog and cause him a constant feeling of pain.


4- Maternal instincts

A well-trained dog can become aggressive when it has small puppies, a motherhood instinct that in every way tries to keep her children from being in danger. You should respect the maternal instinct especially for dogs that have developed a newly puppy. Teach your children not to get close to a young puppy near his mother, and be careful when dealing with puppies. And by making sure that the mother and puppies have a place where they feel safe with a little distraction to the mother.


 5- The Instinct of predation

This instinct can sometimes be triggered by seeing a person running or riding a bicycle, leading to dogs chasing him. It is important to know your area if you are running or cycling, and if you see a roaming dog try to avoid it. If the dog starts chasing you, the best thing to do is to stop moving and not running, and stand in the face of the dog.

Be careful of your dog and prefer not to look into the dog’s eye as this can be considered as a dog challenge to him. The dog may come close to smelling you if you are not afraid it will move to find something else. Teach children to do the same to avoid danger and not to be bitten by dogs.


6- Biting because of inconveniences that go beyond borders


Dogs that bite once exposed or harassed are considered a new category and different from other dogs, and most victims of these dogs are children and sometimes adults too because they do not know or realize that there are limits to the dog.

They should not be infringed in any way, such as hugging a dog in his sleep. It is a violation of his privacy and comfort, putting socks on his nose, or letting your children ride dogs like horses, or any other kind of infringement will lead them to bite.