Dog Pregnancy & Signs of Labour in Dogs

dogs Mating

Dogs can mate after almost six months of age, whether for males or females, but there are types of dogs that cannot marry only after one year, and there are vast types of dogs that weigh about 70 kg need to reach two years at marriage. Dogs marry twice a year as female dogs have eggs ready for Fertilization only twice a year, and some dogs marry only once a year and not more than once. When a female dog is prepared for Fertilization, they mate from more than one dog to ensure Fertilization’s confirmation during a short period.

Duration of carrying dogs

Female dogs after their birth in the ninth month become ready and ready for marriage and pregnancy, as the date of fertilization in a female dog after about the seventh menstruation for her, the period or period of pregnancy is about between 58 days and 63 days where a female dog can give birth during that period.

As for the number of small dogs that are born varies according to the size of the dog as they are divided into large dogs and small dogs, for large dogs they give birth to about 12 puppies, while small dogs give birth to about four to four puppies and those dogs are called dolls.

Signs of pregnancy in dogs with changes in them

There is not yet a guaranteed method such as a laboratory or laboratory examination that tells us about the presence of pregnancy in dogs or not, but we can identify the presence of pregnancy through a guaranteed and accurate method palpation of the female dog’s abdomen in the period between 25 to 35 days of pregnancy, there are X-rays which are One of the most good ways to detect pregnancy is after 45 days of pregnancy.
There are two groups of changes that occur to the female, whether physiological or behavioral changes, and therefore we will begin with physiological changes by increasing the female weight with an enlarged abdomen size in the fifth week of pregnancy, a significant increase in the size of the lactating glands on the 35th day of pregnancy in preparation for breastfeeding.
These mammary glands continue to increase in size, especially before birth, as the mammary glands increase in size with the appearance of milk in the breast, as a form of predisposition to excrete in order to breastfeed.
As for behavioral changes, we notice a female dog during pregnancy with complete isolation, especially in the last days of pregnancy with the appearance of signs of anxiety and discomfort, she panting more than usual, besides she moaning in light groans.
The female dog may use its own building and prepare it as a preparation for giving birth by using a blanket, but in the last two weeks of pregnancy we find the female dog becomes very disturbed and therefore we advise children not to approach them definitively in that period.

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