Facts about Husky Dogs


Dogs are characterized by multiple types and breed, there is who is strong and violent and who is friendly, and also multiple purposes where dogs can be used in hunting, competitions, guarding and other things, according to the breed of dog and category that belongs to it, today we are in the process of one of these types, the Husky dog, so let’s show some facts about him.

Characteristics of Husky dogs

Husky dogs are a type of Siberian dog that is agile and endurable. They are characterized by a serious personality, but it can turn this risk to the kindness and friendliness if he receives enough care and attention and proper breeding.

The size of Husky dogs is medium-sized, with a weight ranging from 15 to 25kilograms, while the fur is characterized by density and duality, where it has a double coat characterized by multiple colors such as black and gray color as well as white, while we find that the age of the Husky dogs vary between ten and fifteen years old.

The importance of Husky dogs

Husky dogs of medium-sized are Asian origin, which have a very high level of intelligence, as well as physical activity and strength that enable them to work and pull large loads over long distances, and perhaps such qualities have driven Eskimos in Siberia to use the Husky dogs to pull their bottles.

These dogs have been used by some in the housekeeping operations as well as friends of individuals, and has been very successful in this task and characterized by meekness and devotion to its owner, and they are one of the most famous dogs used in dog races in Siberia, especially for having a double coat that enables it to withstand the weather.

Some tips when raising Husky dogs

Husky dogs are strong, rebellious smart dogs, which makes the process of breeding not easy at all, so here is some guidance to help you raise this kind of dogs :

• When possessing a small Husky puppy must be socially integrated with the surrounding environment, to acquire the skill to interact properly with all aspects of the environment, whether dogs or people.

• It is important to expose the Husky dogs from a young age to the various sounds and effects and to note his reaction and the extent of his response with them, as some recommend taking it to the parking lot to get used to the noise.

•The Husky must be trained in obedience and compliance from a young age, especially since this breed is stubborn and elusive.

• It is strictly forbidden to hit Husky dogs because they are very stubborn.

• It is important that the field made for the training your Husky is surrounded by a wall to avoid his attempts to escape, and it is OK to take some time to swim as long as this is available.

• Times of food and drink are things to consider, which can be used to tame the dog and make it more obedient.

• Training Husky dogs is recommended in a cold environment as it does not prefer hot weather.

• Do not shave the Husky fur in the summer, to avoid the risk of sunlight that may harm him.

• The Husky is a very loving dog, so care should be taken to clean it continuously.

• Any means of entertainment must be provided to the Husky dog, to prevent the entry of boredom and chill in his heart.

• Avoid doing any exercise for Husky dogs immediately after eating, so wait at least 2 hours.