Information about dogs that you do not know

Dogs have the ability to detect some diseases

Several studies have proven that dogs have the ability to detect diabetes and cancer, because dogs have a superior ability, which is the sense of smell that makes them able to detect diabetes or cancer, through breathing and urine samples. And also its ability to detect the level of sugar in the blood, and there is a service, called “dogs warning against diabetes” whose function is to warn the owners of these dogs of the disorder of the blood sugar level before it reaches dangerous levels.

Belgian “Malinoys” dogs are part of the intensive training of the navy

The Navy relies on the “Malinus” breed and trains these dogs vigorously and rigorously. In the same way it trains humans and one percent of these dogs can train for 15 hours a week. They can jump from planes and can also use umbrellas. This is one of the most famous dog species in the world, and therefore you will not find it easily in regular stores, so you should go to some company to buy it.

Dogs urinate against magnetic fields

Some experts in zoology have established research centers and done many recent studies that have led us to believe that dogs have a high ability to feel the electromagnetic fields. She also loves to urinate in the parallel directions of these areas, and more than seventy dogs of different species were examined within two years, during which she demonstrated that dogs attract electromagnetic fields. Therefore, the path of the electromagnetic fields can be determined easily through the presence of dogs, thus obtaining a dog that is not only for breeding or guarding, but you can also use it in your work.

Dog IQ is the same as intelligence for a two-year-old

According to scientific studies that were based on the linguistic development of animals, they found that dogs have an IQ equal to that of a two-year-old child. You can learn about 165 words, and some of them have the highest IQ, can learn about 250 words. So do not be surprised when you find your dog throwing all the signs and words that you say in front of him, as he is quick to learn and works to adapt to all the social environments in which he is present. But all that the dog needs to master this is training, meaning that he teaches the matter, thing or habit more than once, and you will find it after a while to memorize all of these movements and habits easily, which saves you the burden of guiding him from time to time on a daily basis.

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