Information about domestic cats

It helps in improving the psychological state of a person, as scientific studies have shown that there is a chemical in the human brain that works to secrete the serotonin that works on a person’s feeling of happiness and comfort.

Also you know that the presence of cats in the home helps the members of the house to have good health, because it reduces the rate of a person’s heart attack, and it also has a great reason to stimulate the immune system in the human body and thus protect it from infection with any of the spreading viral diseases.

Also, having a pet cat in the house with the children has countless benefits and advantages such as it carries the child with many responsibilities, such as maintaining a clean place, and makes the child’s growth and feeling of what surrounds him large, and also makes him dependent on many things in daily life when feeding the cat and also Cleaned and others.

It also makes the child feel good companionship, not feeling lonely, and plays with him to pass the time well, so this causes the child not to feel tired as a result of not moving enough throughout the day.

Correct dietary instructions for domestic cats

When raising a cat at home, many people prefer to know all good dietary guidelines for cats at home, including the following:

Since it is known to the cats that they have a very sensitive digestive system on foods that are not good for them, the family that raises a cat must make sure to provide them with all healthy food foods for them, in order to avoid cat injuries.

If your cat eats unhelpful food, it may have symptoms such as diarrhea and also may experience some digestive diseases. It is also preferable that the food that is presented to cats be continuously changed for her, who loves to change foods and feels happy and energetic.

Also, the food must be served throughout the day at least five to seven times per day, and also the amounts of food must be appropriate and saturated so that the food is neither reduced nor exceeded the limit.

Keep the kittens clean

Care must be taken to follow all the necessary methods to maintain the general hygiene of domestic cats. This does not cause many diseases for them, and also for those around them. They are as follows:

Cats should be thoroughly cleaned weekly by providing all the hygiene needs of domestic cats, which are wet tissues, paper and cleaning means with the provision of combs for their fur, which remove all falling hair that accumulates immediately, and also a scented powder for their body.

Care must also be taken to wash the cats no less than three times a week, as they protect them from infectious viruses as well as harmful germs to them and their owners. Also, home cat owners should visit veterinary clinics for cats to conduct comprehensive checks on their general health, and also give them important vaccinations to protect cats from any diseases, as well as to protect people from infection with any of their diseases, as their nails and claws are clipped and protected for protection as well.

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