My Dog Is Never Full!


The friendship of humans to dogs is always different from any kind of relationship that arise between humans and any other animal.

Because dogs are good at expressing their feelings and can deal with humans more than any other animal.

Despite all this, many dog ​​behavior and interpretation remain a mystery to many. Some do not realize how dogs think, especially when it comes to some of the actions you see for the first time.

My dog ​​is never full .. Explanation of permanent hunger dogs

Have you noticed that your dog always feels hungry and voracious even if he has eaten his meal just five minutes ago? Once you put your food in front of you it starts to bark and turn around until you share your food?

This behavior is largely related to rescued dogs or dogs that had some problems at the beginning of their lives whether left by their former owners or rescued from the street.

Because of these dogs they have always been linked to food and suffering. So she always wants to eat some food in anticipation of repetitive situations she has gone through before.

One of the reasons why dogs are hungry is that they are used to this behavior from a young age. If you are used to feeding your dog from a young age next to the table and then try to change that when you grow up, dogs may start to order food next to you because he is used to it.

But if your dog appears suddenly binge eating and love for food, it may indicate some diseases. Certain diseases such as hyperthyroidism in dogs are associated with symptoms such as unusually severe binge eating

So you can easily distinguish between permanent dog hunger and is it a behavioral problem in the dog from a young age or is it a sudden change you should contact your veterinarian about it.