Pet Memorials


Pets are not just domestic animals that offer an alternate means of entertainment. They are like family members, demanding and providing the same amount of love, dedication, care, warmth, and security that human family members do. And as with humans, there always comes the unfortunate day when a pet dog, cat, parrot, fish, turtle, horse, or any other animal will have to cease living and pass on in its journey towards the unknown. What remains behind are memories of days and evenings spent romping around in the garden or trekking over the hills or going shopping for the latest in pet care and essentials.

It, therefore, becomes important to cherish those memories, and one way of doing so is to create an everlasting tribute for the pet in the form of a memorial. The right memorial, however, requires a lot of thought, research, and planning. A good memorial has to stand the test of time and keep those memories fresh forever. While many pet lovers decide to erect or create their own memorials, there are now many professionals who help design unique memorials.

One such memorial can be a hand-painted portrait in the form of a plaque that is crafted from a choice of the finest wood, such as mahogany, walnut, or oak and is given a top finish with a soft, warm lacquer. Another type of a memorial is a keepsake chest that has a hinged top and is lined with suede or a velour type of lining. The chest can be used to store the pet’s collar, tags and toys. Another possibility is an urn. While the urn holds the ashes of the pet, the outer surface can have a painted picture or even a variety of designs with an inscription of the pet’s name, date of birth and death, and other details.

Engraving on wood is also preferred and this is a precision job that calls for accurate burning into the wood with a narrow-tipped wood-burning tool. These are then made weather-resistant. Yet another type of pet memorial is the glass tumbler with a silk screen design that holds a candle inside. The furry angel candle burns for about three days and the tumbler can then be used as a permanent flower vase. It is ideal as a gift to someone commemorating the anniversary of a pet’s passing.

One way to soften the impact of a pet’s death is to make a charitable contribution in the pet’s name to a worthy animal-related cause. There are always many organizations for homeless pets, animal rights, veterinary scholarship funds, and non-profit clinics and cemeteries to choose from.