The 10 Extreme Loyal Dog Breeds


Whether they’re sitting by your side each day saving you from harm, defending your home, or protecting those that fight alongside them, here are 10 dog breeds that are known for being loyal, to the point of risking their own lives for your safety.

#10 –  Mastiff

An ancient breed owned by Caesar himself, the mastiff has a long history of being strong, courageous, and loyal, they have been used in wars as palace protectors, and by peasants as livestock and home guardians, although an intimidating size, they are known for being gentle and devoted to their family.

#9 –  Brittany

A high-energy happy hunter, the Brittany will loyally follow his two-legged hunting partner for miles upon miles without straying, their devotion and will to please make them easy to train for any sport.

 #8 –  Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is loyal to almost anyone even strangers, and it’s no wonder they were originally used in hospice, a refuge for travelers crossing the treacherous passes between Switzerland and Italy as a guard dog and to rescue travelers trapped in the snow.

#7 –  Akita

Anyone who saw the movie “Hachi” will test how loyal this breed can be, they are intelligent and strong-willed, but will do anything to protect their family.

#6 –  Kuvasz

This breed was originally owned by royalty in Turkish, his name means armed guard of the nobility, and he takes his job seriously aloof with affection even to his own family, he is a devoted protector through and through.

#5 –  Shetland Sheepdog

There is not one sheltie owner out there that doesn’t refer to their dog as a personal shadow following them from room to room and always within reach, often reserved or even shy of strangers, this breed lives 100% for its owners.

#4 –  Rough collie

Often seen as the larger version of the Shetland Sheepdog or the lassie dog, the collie is known for being just as loyal as the Sheltie without the reserved nature, while the Sheltie will save its family, the collie would save anyone in need, however, like the Sheltie the collie is also a shadow dog staying close to his family.

#3 – Pitbull

The American PitBull Terrier is so loyal to his owners that he will do anything that has asked of him, unfortunately, this very loyal nature has made them a great pick for fighting dogs since they will do what is asked of them regardless of how they are treated or what they’re being asked to do.

#2 –  German Shepherd dog

There is a reason this breed is one of the most used police and military dogs out there, they are loyal to the Corps, they will drag a wounded soldier out of harm’s way, protect their police handler, or save your children from an intruder.

#1 –  Great Pyrenees

It’s no surprise this freed is considered one of the most loyal dogs out there, a supreme livestock Guardian, they will protect their charges whether its sheep or kids at all costs. so which is your favorite dog breed?