Top 10 Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog


 #9 – Roll Over:

this is one of those tricks that some dogs take too quickly, well for others, the movement is simply too awkward to feel natural, but with perseverance and enough treats, any dog can learn to roll perfectly! note! for this trick, your dog will already need to be good at lying down on command, you don’t need to do sit because that would be double the work right now because I need her to lay down to start rollover by holding a treat in your hand and roll hitting it around the dog’s head, you can lead him or her through the roll move in baby steps, and be sure to reward your dog at various logical points as his or her body goes through the progression, this will lead your dog to internalize the movement and as your dog gets better and better at this, you can start to move your hand a little bit further away.